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The Honyah of the Honyah plan is the Honyara Honyah. We specialize in designing structural designs for things that are pleasing or cool, such as paperboard and flat materials such as paper.

Roughly speaking, I use "folding, cutting, and pasting" to create what can be made into a three-dimensional object by assembling what was a flat surface, or making a three-dimensional object back into a flat surface.

For example, there are paper crafts, magazine appendices, things like cardboard furniture and toys, and things like pop-up picture books, but in particular, we make "first things", "troublesome things" and "out-of-the-box things". ..

In addition, we can take a step further from the world of work creation by paper craft writers and paper engineers to make it into a practical industrial product and design on the premise that it can be manufactured in large quantities (thousands to millions of copies) at low cost. , I will take it firmly even if it comes suddenly.

Still, I recently introduced an on-demand cutter. The long-awaited production of three-dimensional objects in a small number has become feasible, and the manufacturing limits that had been a bottleneck in terms of cost, etc. have been removed, and options for making special three-dimensional products made of paper have increased. I would like to tell you that it has become a fun world where you can make three-dimensional paper products with just a little bit.

If it is something like paper, we can make various kinds of "honarara", whether it is heavy or light, difficult or easy.


For various inquiriesHereTherefore, regarding the actual results of past designs,HerePlease from.

The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) paper craft production has triggered the production of NAOJ goods, and we sell goods every year on Mitaka/Hoshi and Space Day.

In addition, a gacha machine is installed in the exhibition room on the Mitaka campus of the National Observatory.

Of Honya plan
Paper planning and structural design services

From hundreds to hundreds of thousands. From big things to small things. We propose the optimum structure according to your budget.

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